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Our experts are ready to assist you in securing individual health insurance for you and your family. We will make sure you understand your options and select a local carrier that meets your needs as well as guide you through securing the best coverage at the appropriate cost.

How We Help


Optimal Coverage

We take the time to get to know your healthcare needs, then find the best coverage for you and any family members.


Cost Savings

With access to the area’s top insurance carriers and a comprehensive understanding of cost-effective rate development strategies, our team can secure you the coverage you want at the lowest prices available.


Professional, Independent Guidance

Although we represent dozens of insurance carriers, our loyalty is first and foremost to you, our customer. Rest assured you will receive unbiased, professional guidance from well-trained, caring staff who’s only objective is to help you find the coverage you’re looking for.

Plan Types & Options

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health insurance, so the program you choose needs to be tailored to the individual health circumstances and needs of your family. The MBA team will make sure you find the most comprehensive coverage program for the lowest cost. Individual insurance plans come in many of the traditional formats you may be familiar with, such as:


Health Maintenance Organizations

Providing you with coverage through a selected network of hospitals and physicians, coordinated by your primary care physician.


Exclusive Provider

Similar to HMOs, EPOs cover only in-network care. But the networks are generally larger. They may or may not require referrals from a primary care physician or seek a referral to see a specialist. Premiums are higher than HMOs, but lower than PPOs.



Requiring that participants choose a primary care physician to access care within the network, but also allowing for access to providers outside the network with additional out-of-pocket costs.


Preferred Provider

Allowing insureds to choose from either a network provider (at a discounted rate) or a non-network provider (with higher out-of-pocket costs). 


Health Savings Accounts with High Deductible Health Plans

HSA plans allow the insured to set aside tax-free funds in a savings account and are particularly effective when paired with HDHPs as they help control both rising premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs.

Get a Quote

Quickly quote the plans available in your area with just a few clicks. Plans can be sorted and filtered by price, metal tier, and on- and off-exchange options. You are also able to include an estimate of your premium subsidy in order to better calculate cost.

Available Options:


Short-Term Medical




Accident & Critical Illness

Subsidy Calculator

This online tool from the Kaiser Family Foundation provides you with an estimate of your eligibility for subsidies and how much you could spend on health insurance.

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