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Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, compliance regulations, and strategies for long-term cost containment.

Available Solutions

We can help you understand your options to make an informed decision and guide you through the implementation process.

Fully Insured, Employer Sponsored Plans

Self-Funded & Level-Funded Plans

Individual Coverage HRAs

Professional Employee Organizations

Group Medical Captives


Benefits Management

Our service team and resources ensure employers have continuous assistance with the ongoing administration and optimization of their benefits program.

In addition to a designated Account Manager, employers can also utilize:

Our Benefits Service Center HR Support Tools

Benefits Service Center

The Benefits Service Center is a dedicated call center, available year-round, to answer the questions from employees and administrators about their employee benefits program.

Our Team Can Assist With:

Claims Issues

Benefit Questions

ID Cards

Prescription Issues

Provider & Network Questions


Compliance Guidance

As new compliance and reform topics come forward, our on-staff counsel will prepare bulletins to provide guidance on these complicated benefit and legislative issues. In addition, brief videos are created to simplify each topic.


HR Support

Our clients have the option to access comprehensive HR support tools to assist owners and HR representatives of small and mid-sized employers. This offering includes live phone support, training courses, a library of compliance and risk management materials, an employee handbook builder, and a state law comparison tool.


Live Hotline

Certified HR professionals available to provide useful advice, offer a second opinion, or coach you through urgent issues.


Training Courses

Includes an extensive course catalog as well as robust reporting and tracking to lower employer risk or provide valuable training.


Research Library

Database with the most recent policies, laws, and best practices and access to various tools, including the automation of required reports.

Handbook Builder

Handbook Builder

Technology guides you through a step-by-step process to create a customized handbook as a vital resource for both employers and their employees.

State Law Comparison

State Law Comparison Tool

Designed for employers with locations in multiple states, this tool generates side-by-side charts to compare state laws for a verity of topics.


Employee Communication

Making sure employees understand the value of the benefits they are being offered is an important aspect of any benefits program. Our communication tools are designed to provide clear and concise explanations that are valuable to the employees and the HR team.


Benefits Guidebook

Professionally designed digital booklet to communicate benefit plan offerings to your employees.


Benefits Video

MBA replicates the open enrollment meeting in an on-demand video, complete with links and supporting documents.


Online Enrollment

My Benefit Advisor can set up a secure, online enrollment system to help communicate benefit options to your employees as well as improve the tracking and collection of enrollment data. Employees can update personal information, make benefit elections, and view side-by-side plan comparisons and summaries.


The My Benefit Advisor PEO

Significant Savings on Benefit Costs

We are proud to announce our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution to help employers lower employee benefit costs and reduce several administrative burdens so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.


Special Programs

From exclusive premium discounts to new, trending benefits, My Benefit Advisor has it all. Through our partnerships, distribution channels, and strength in the market, we have established an array of programs to help you tailor the perfect program for your employees.

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The experts at My Benefit Advisor assists those eligible for Medicare to find the plans and coverage that best fit their specific needs. Our team also assists employers with how to best handle their Medicare eligible employees. Many people are overwhelmed by the confusing array of choices they face after becoming eligible for Medicare, we can help.



Case Studies

Empowering Employees to Take Control of Their Health

By providing the necessary environment, tools and resources, business owners can help motivate their employees to take better control of their health choices and improve their overall well-being. Studies have shown that by doing this effectively, office morale and workforce productivity increases, while claims utilization decreases. The results can be significant.

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Compliance Concerns For Growing Business

For business owners, compliance issues are but one of many concerns that keep them up at night. Unintended mistakes often happen and can lead to costly fines and penalties, especially today when the legislative environment that impacts businesses is constantly in flux. There are, however, things a company can do to minimize this risk.

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Diverse Employee Demographics Warrant Benefit Review

Workplace demographics have been changing rapidly in recent years and this shift in cultural values, age, spending habits and perspective on health and well-being impacts all employers. To avoid presenting a benefit program to your employees that fails to effectively reflect this changing environment, a periodic benefit review should be conducted.

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