Company Overview

This solar power installation client has 470 employees with its primary location in Philadelphia, Pa., but satellite offices spread across multiple locations in the eastern part of the country.

Key Challenges

Looking to enhance efficiency and streamline its operations in order to keep pace with its larger competitors within the solar power field, the leaders of this company called our team together for a meeting to discuss our ideas for how modifications in their employee benefit program could help them achieve their objectives.

Our team possessed a good understanding of this organization’s demographics, benefit structure and capabilities. Through several in-depth meetings, we discussed several additional aspects of their business as it relates to human resources and benefit administration. In so doing, we were able to identify a few challenges and chose to group them into 3 specific areas:

  1. Manual Processes - the company’s HR team was often bogged down with manual and time-consuming tasks, such as paper-based documentation, email and other written forms of communication and manual data entry.
  2. Geographical Dispersion of Employees - communication and coordination of processes were cumbersome due to the number of geographic locations spread throughout the region.
  3. Data Security Concerns - as this company had experienced rapid growth over the past several years, their management staff had begun voicing concerns about the increasingly large amount of sensitive employee information being processed and stored.

MBA Solution Presented

We presented an approach centered on the acquisition of a comprehensive HR technology solution to address the challenges described above. The integrated technology solution we proposed included modules for recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee self-service and analytics and was customized for the specific needs of this client.

As part of the implementation process, we worked with the vendor to plan and conduct a comprehensive training program for both HR staff and employees. We utilized several change management strategies to ensure a smooth transition and integrated the platform and data with the company’s existing IT infrastructure, including email, payroll and other relevant systems.

Measurable Results

The implementation of this system proved to be transformative for this company, resulting in a significant boost in their office efficiency. By automating processes, enhancing communication and leveraging data driven insights, the company successfully overcame its HR challenges and positioned itself for future growth, meeting its stated objectives. Additionally, through the increased efficiencies created by the new system, annual savings were estimated to be $150,000 above the cost of the technology.

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