Company Overview

This group was a prospect two years ago with 80 employees and came to us looking to customize their health plan. Their goal was to tailor a plan that would more effectively meet the unique needs of their workforce.

Key Challenges

This company’s leaders were interested in creating a comprehensive health insurance program that would not only meet the diverse needs of their employees but also promote a healthy work culture and improve individual well-being. They specifically stressed the importance of striking a balance between providing this robust employee benefit package and making it cost-effective and within the company budget.

MBA Solution Presented

The MBA staff assigned to this prospect immediately began working to ascertain the health and wellness interests of the workforce. This was done primarily through both a claims analysis and individual surveys designed to understand their preferences, priorities, and pain points regarding health insurance. Additionally, our staff teamed with management to conduct town hall meetings and focus group discussions to gather additional input from employees.

Based on all the information we obtained, our team then put together a multipronged solution including the following components:

  • Flexible plan options that would accommodate a variety of preferences and health needs
  • An integrated range of wellness initiatives such as fitness classes, mental health support and preventive care campaigns
  • Tailored benefits that would appeal to specific age groups, such as fertility treatments for younger employees and comprehensive geriatric care for older employees
  • A family-centered benefit offering including parental leave, childcare support and dependent coverage options

Measurable Results

By implementing our recommendations, this group was able to successfully address the diverse needs of their workforce and created a healthier and more engaged organizational culture. Additionally, through these changes, the company was able to realize a savings of over $35,000 in the first year alone.

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