Company Overview

This client has 83 employees and has been enjoying steady growth in the past 12 months.

Key Challenges

With a history of offering a fairly comprehensive benefit package with low out-of-pocket expenses this company was looking to expand their mental health benefits as a show of support for potential jobseekers, employees and their families. Their intention was to help promote employee wellbeing through better access to mental health care and improved benefit levels for those feeling stressed about personal or work-life matters.

MBA Solution Presented

Our team worked with the company to make the following changes to their benefit portfolio:

  • Increasing access to mental health services by expanding telehealth options
  • Adding in-network mental health providers
  • Reduced cost sharing for mental healthcare visits
  • Implementation of employee assistance programs for mental health services
  • Helping the company add yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions in the workplace
  • Providing apps that support wellness, focusing on fitness, sleep and relaxation

Measurable Results

By proactively addressing issues like stress and anxiety for their employees, this employer was able to reduce and, in some situations, eliminate entirely the costly treatment for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiac issues.

The company has stated that the small financial investment they made for these changes has not only positively impacted the wellbeing of their workers but has saved at least 6 employees over $27,000 in out-of-pocket costs and the company over $55,000 in estimated claim costs.

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