Company Overview

A growing technology company with 58 employees domiciled in Brooklyn, New York. This firm was bringing on an average of 5 new employees each month.

Key Challenges

A recent follow up visit with this prospect by our Account Executive revealed that their sole human resource administrator was having difficulty keeping up with their core position responsibilities, especially with the steady stream of new hires. The CEO had already shifted payroll and other financial responsibilities to a newly hired CFO, but the increasing need for employee assistance regarding benefits, claims, COBRA and billing were still presenting a challenge. They faced the possibility of needing to hire yet another employee.

MBA Solution Presented

Our AE reviewed the full range of services we normally present to companies this size but focused on the benefit administration system we include with consolidated billing and COBRA services, along with our compliance resources and employee call center. The AE also committed to an on-site customer service representative one day each month to be available for any employees needing assistance with personal claim issues, benefit questions and for general help educating employees on the scope and details of the employee benefit package.

Measurable Results

The CEO, CFO and HR director, after discussing our offer, decided to utilize our firm for benefit consulting services. We implemented our services package immediately, met with the staff and educated both the human resource director and the employees on the mechanics and benefits of the technology we installed.

By partnering with our firm and utilizing our resources, this new client was able to avoid the costs associated with hiring a new employee, saving them an estimated $60,000 per year in salary and benefits.

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