Company Overview

This client has been with MBA for a little over 6 years. With 145 employees, they are one of the leading beverage distributors in Pennsylvania.

Key Challenges

During one of our quarterly review sessions with this client two years ago, the human resource director had revealed a noticeable rise in the number of employee absences due to work-life stressors, drug issues and personal legal matters. The director noted that even when in the office, the impacted employees often spent considerable time managing issues related to their personal matters through telephone calls or writing emails. Further compounding the loss of productivity were instances where the employee discussed their issues with other office associates. Frustrated, the HR director came to us for a solution.

MBA Solution Presented

Our team analyzed a few different approaches to handling this situation and determined that the implementation of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) would be an effective way to provide employees with a better way of dealing with their stressors and increase workforce productivity. The resources and assistance provided by the EAP would also help increase the value of the benefit program provided by the employer while also providing long term savings through a reduction in claims utilization.

An EAP program provides assessment and services for addressing a variety of personal concerns that interfere with an employee’s well-being and work performance. With the added stressors in today’s high-tech, fast-paced home and work environments, stress related issues have become both more numerous and more severe. By allowing employees access to the resources of an EAP, they can resolve the issues quickly and before they become major events.

Measurable Results

After analyzing the demographics of this client’s employee population and reviewing all available utilization reports from their medical carrier, our team matched the results with an EAP provider and worked with HR to customize the benefits. With a well-designed employee communication program, the EAP was well received by the workforce and usage has increased markedly over the past two years.

This client has noticed a significant reduction in days lost due to personal issues of the workforce. Most studies show that an EAP program returns $2 in savings for every dollar spent. For this employer, the savings would come in to approximately $12,000.

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