Through your employer you may have access to the WellWorks wellness program. Ask your HR Administrator for the “Company ID” and then visit the Create an Account page. This program is designed to help educate you on the importance of wellness and motivate you towards healthy habits.

Personal Wellness Website

Inside your account, you’ll have the ability to take a health assessment, track your steps, build a workout routine, view your meal plan for the week, and access information on a variety of wellness topics.

Health Coach

Upon login, you will have access to a health coach who is available to assist you with all of your wellness needs. You may call your health coach with any questions in regards to Stress Management, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Exercise and Fitness, Pre and Post Natal Care and Chronic Medical Conditions. Create Account & Login

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Our wellness program is provided by Wellworks.

Visit the Wellworks website.
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