About Us

My Benefit Advisor (MBA) is an employee benefits consulting firm designed to guide employers through the complexity of planning, communicating, and managing a successful employee benefits program. Our client relationships are driven exclusively through a select group of brokers.

My Benefit Advisor provides employers with an exceptional array of services including:
Advisory Team

An advisory team of talented professionals with wide-ranging areas of expertise.

Health Care Reform Consulting

Guidance on understanding this complex legislation to formulate the appropriate business strategy.

Analysis, Strategy & Design

In-depth analysis, strategy, and design of a long-term employee benefits solution.

Open Enrollment & Communication

A superior open enrollment experience for employees and new hires through innovative technology and resources.

Proactive Management

Proactive benefits management leveraging technology and a structured operational process.

Compliance Assistance

Compliance guidance to assist with complex benefit, reform, and legislative issues.


Our History

MBA is operated by Emerson Reid, LLC, the largest wholesale employee benefits General Agent in the Northeast. MBA has offices in California, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Emerson Reid was founded in 1974 as a Statutory Disability wholesale distributor serving the entire state of NY and grew to be the largest DBL broker in New York.

In 1998, Emerson Reid entered the medical wholesale business to support independent insurance brokers in the sale and service of employee benefits products.

In 2006, Emerson Reid established My Benefit Advisor to provide employers with best-in-class service on behalf of a select group of insurance brokers.

Today, Emerson Reid and My Benefit Advisor have over 250 employees and manage over $3 billion in health care premium, over 10,000 group statutory disability policies, and 5,000+ ancillary line cases.